Start the Year – Resolutions 2009

I hope everyone had a good time last night. Here in Denmark we were surrounded by fireworks in all directions until about 1am, it was crazy (and they have just started up again as I write). I spent the time eating chocolate chip peanut butter cookies and chilling out with my hon/cat in my dream house.

It was satisfying doing my review last night, it really made feel I had direction and it was good to see just how much I did over the year. Knowing what I can do in that amount of time made it all the more important when deciding my goals for next year.

Some of the groupings below have changed from last year and are more condensed, but I imagine this will change year on year depending on what’s important to me at that moment. So without further ado (and this won’t be as long as last night’s whopper, it took me several hours to put that thing together!) may I present my resolutions for 2009:


First goal of the year goes to my new novel idea. It is part autobiographical, part personal development. I don’t like going into detail but I feel it’s really important to write this now. I’ve found that with reading and even research that I need to go where I’m excited and passionate about. This passion may change as I grow and learn different lessons but it’s the focus I have so it will be given top priority for the year. I intend to complete it this year, to have a contract for publication and possibly even my first book advance. (Aim for the moon so you fall amongst the stars!)

The next writing goal will be connected to my Sci-Fi series so it doesn’t completely go out the window for this year but is open for other areas of interest too, replacing the time I spent in Helium and other places. I intend to write short stories of a few thousand words in the world of my series, to give more background to the piece and to get interest in the characters and situation they are in. These shorter works will provide me with a counterbalance to the long pieces so I feel I have smaller goals and achievements, which help support the larger works when they are done. So the aim of these shorts is to get into print in markets whose audience might buy my novels later on.

I also want to meet the right people I need to develop my work and give it the right route to market; be it an agent, publicist or any other type of contact/network necessary to make me a professional writer, in print and making money quickly.

The final aim is to revamp my writing site. I want to update it to reflect my current streamlined focus and to make it up to date with my latest move and activities.


I have no firm aims for concrete achievement this year but I do want to develop some habits that will help me later on when I return my focus to my photography website in 2010. I want to get in the habit of having my camera on me or easily accessible so I can take more picture of ‘everyday magic’ to boost my collection launch next year.

I also want to have a healthier attitude towards this art. I want to let go of the shots I missed and enjoy beautiful moments without regretting the lack of photograph to capture it.


I want to learn to manage my pain more with my mind than rely on medications so heavily, like the last two years. I would like to stay off all long term drugs if possible and keep them for emergencies only.

I also want to keep up my stretching, swimming and meditation exercises every week, no matter what my schedule is. I also want to explore more the ideas between food and my stomach to help with my sleep and digestive issues.


I want to make peace with this industry as over the years in my thoughts, speech and writing I’ve knocked it a lot by framing it as the evil obstacle in the way of my dreams (when in fact it was me). I intend to use the time at my new company to do this as well as show myself I can do this job well and collaborate in a cohesive team, without clinging to this habitual negative attitude.

I also want to use it as an opportunity to learn how Denmark views the work place and to learn skills that would help me be an IT consultant, such that when my writing pays enough and I can leave programming behind, I can still use my IT skills as a consultant in the background to boost my income when needed.


I want to move from a mindset where I’m just making enough to barely get by, to making enough money and creating enough abundance that I can invest in my dreams and give more back into the world. I also would like to stop being the sole bread winner, the one who does it all and learn to delegate and share the burdens of life with others.

It terms of the house I would like to be fully unpacked by the end of the year and have all the things we need around the house (a car, perhaps a scooter, washing machine, filing cabnet, freezer, pasta machine, food mixer etc) I want each room to have a clear purpose instead of three storage rooms and one big room we live in 99% of the time. One idea being a quiet room to read, reflect, dictate and write.

I also want to keep on top of the house with the ‘little and often’ policy so I don’t spend my weekends blitzing the house.

So that’s it. I may add the odd thing if I think of something relevant in the next day or two, but really if I got most of that I would be well on my way. Some of this will come to pass, some won’t, some dreams/goals may change or be dropped, whilst others become more real. I hope by showing you this process and over the years to come by looking back, this might be an experiment with time, to see just how effective this method is for setting sail in the direction of my dreams. I hope it works for you as well as it has for me over the last year and who knows what’s to come next. I can’t wait to find out!

I offer these words for reflection…


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  1. A gratitude journal will help too. This way each night you can reflect on the day and write what you are grateful for in your life or what transpired that day. Review it each morning and start it off with a positive mindset.

  2. Write the novel, renew the sci-fi, let the world know your thoughts in 2009!

    check out the good, bad and ugly resolutions of 2009 –

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