When Nature Said I Forgive You

This happened to me a few weeks ago. I had been signed off sick again and I had to go into town to sort out some prescriptions, amongst other things. Once I had done everything I needed I went to visit a local park to read a bit and just take in the good air.

I always carry a bag full of seeds for the birds. I feel that I own bird-kind, you see, I used to own an aviary long a go. I had 10 birds; 9 budgies and 1 cockatiel. However I was so sick for such a long time that I eventually couldn’t care for them and they died. As a form of repentance I try to support wild birds where I can.

So I get out the seeds and throw some behind the bench and in front of it, hoping to attract one or two birds for company. Well a swarm of them flocked over to me, far more than normal. I would have to say there must have been twenty to thirty birds coming my way. They started hopping up onto the bench and then flapping off. I got some seeds in my hand and offered it out to one of them. Half of them jumped onto my arm and started eatting from my palm, bird scrambling on top of bird. People stopped and stared at the spectacle, making comments like ‘you’ve got a friend there!’

Amongst the flurry I spotted a scruffy looking pigeon which seemed to have a florescent orange claw. It hoped onto my hand and I noticed it had gum stuck to it’s foot. I started to pull at it but the bird flew away before I could get a good hold on it. I really felt for it and hope it found way to get it off.

Eventually I ran out of seed and as the crowds of birds slowly dissipated I returned to my book. Every now and then as I was reading I heard a bird adventure back to my bench to see if I had anything more then fly away gain.

Then I felt a thud as something jumped on the left hand side of me onto the bench. I assumed it was another bird but turned to see a grey squirel right next to me, it came up to me put its paws on my shoulder and climbed down me onto the bench. I’ve never been that close to a squirrel before, nor seen one be so daring.

In that moment I felt like some kind of weight had been lifted. Like I was accepted back into the club again. Perhaps times are tough for our inner city wildlife and they need all the friends they can get. Whatever the reason I felt nature say ‘I forgive you’ that day.


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